Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pure Silliness!

What on earth do you do when you have 7 days to fill before Christmas?
We have been busying ourselves with playdates and home science experiments. Eventually the well ran mostly dry, but on the 23rd, we were enjoying a beautiful 70 degree day, and I had inspiration! Back in March, when Luken had his surgery, I had bought some Silly String, but we didn't get around to using it, so I dug it out of the craft box and sent the kids outside!

Of course, we had to build the anticipation and have some fun with this, so they had to wait patiently...

And close their eyes...

And then.... BLAMMO! We hit them straight on!!

And then we let them have at it!

Going after Daddy!

Watch out... he'll get you back!!

Attacking the defenseless fence...

Well, it didn't last too very long - those cans aren't very big, but it was a lot of fun for a few minutes!!! :D

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