Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'm dreaming of a...

It was a busy Christmas Eve around these parts!

Of course, the biggest priority of the day was to prepare cookies for Santa!! The kids and I worked on that together, while Todd took some photos for us. :)

The kids helped cut out the shapes!

We filled up a few sheets with cookies...

And baked 'em up in the oven!

Now, here's where things get weird! If you have been reading these past few posts in order, you know that yesterday it was 70 degrees and sunny. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Park-worthy weather.
Well, today, it's SNOWING!!! Yes, real snow!
So, of course, after it had snowed for a few hours and a bit had begun to stick, we had to get out in it! :D

First we sent them out back.

They tried to put together snowballs to throw at each other. Luken has been dreaming and wishing for a snowball fight!!!

Then we thought we'd go out front and see if the next-door neighbors would like to join in the fun!

They weren't ready just yet, so we played out front for a bit.
Keeley is all about the snow angels! :)

Luken thought he'd try, too.

More snowballs were packed!

Then things got serious!!

It was BITTER cold out at that point, and very windy, so we retreated inside for a bit. Then the neighbor boys came over and the kids went out again for a little while, then came in for some hot cocoa!!

Happy Ethan!

Smiling Jacob! (Notice missing teeth!!)

Many, many marshmallows! :D

Then it was time to get back to the cookie business. Santa likes them frosted!

Keeley had to test out the frosting to make sure it was delicious. :P

Luken and his sprinkly good creations!

And Keeley, looking a little bit sweeter. :)

Keeley's cookies:

Next item on the agenda: Dinner! :P
Earlier in the day, we all headed down to Whole Foods to track down some Dungeoness Crab, YUM!!
We also had pear-walnut-blue cheese-dijon dressing salad, and sourdough bread. Did I mention YUM???!!

The kids did not find this luxurious dinner as wonderful as we did, so after they had eaten, we sent them upstairs and continued our feast. FINALLY we called them back down and let them eat some cookies for dessert.

We rewarded their patience with one early present each to open. I carefully selected the right packages - new pajamas!! Off to the bath with them, with fresh new PJ's to put on after!

All clean and snuggly!! <3

A biiiiig hug!! :)

They played for a bit, then announced they were ready for bed, but first, some important business to finish!

Reindeer food (oats, sprinkles, and carrots).

They set it on the doorstep, and I quickly took a picture before we all froze!!

Then, they each selected one perfect cookie for Santa!

Set the plate on the coffee table! (The dogs were hanging out in front of the fireplace, so we moved the plate later and added a nice, cold glass of milk!)

We had one star, and one Texas!

The kids did actually go to bed right after that, and did great!! I read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to them, and tucked them in.
We had an amazing Christmas Eve, and still had Christmas Day left to enjoy! Good night everyone!

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