Sunday, June 16, 2013

On Trend - Mustaches

Todd likes to let his facial hair grow while he is on a multi-week break from work.  Then, it is super fun to create fun facial hairstyles!  The kids got in on the fun, as Santa had left some mustaches in their stockings.  :D

 photo 2013-01-05-Mustaches_0010_zps8916dcaf.jpg

 photo 2013-01-05-Mustaches_0009_zpsa3ff2e1a.jpg

 photo 2013-01-05-Mustaches_0008_zps9146f03a.jpg

 photo 2013-01-05-Mustaches_0004_zps7a327f70.jpg

 photo 2013-01-05-Mustaches_0003_zpsf5eee354.jpg

Nonstop fun around these parts!!  :)

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