Sunday, June 16, 2013

Horseback Riding

We were fortunate enough during our visit to Grandpa and Gram's to do some horseback riding!  A sweet friend of Gram's took us out to spend some time with her horses.  This was so incredibly fun for the kids!

Saying hello, and sharing a treat.
 photo 2012-12-31-Horse_Riding_0001.jpg

 photo 2012-12-31-Horse_Riding_0002.jpg

Cleaning up the muddy horse in preparation for a ride.
 photo 2012-12-31-Horse_Riding_0009.jpg

 photo 2012-12-31-Horse_Riding_0010.jpg

 photo 2012-12-31-Horse_Riding_0012.jpg

 photo 2012-12-31-Horse_Riding_0014.jpg

 photo 2012-12-31-Horse_Riding_0016.jpg

 photo 2012-12-31-Horse_Riding_0019.jpg

 photo 2012-12-31-Horse_Riding_0021.jpg

 photo 2012-12-31-Horse_Riding_0026.jpg

 photo 2012-12-31-Horse_Riding_0027.jpg

 photo 2012-12-31-Horse_Riding_0029.jpg

 photo 2012-12-31-Horse_Riding_0031.jpg

 photo 2012-12-31-Horse_Riding_0035.jpg

 photo 2012-12-31-Horse_Riding_0038.jpg

 photo 2012-12-31-Horse_Riding_0039.jpg

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