Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring is thinking about springing!!

Yay, the sun has begun peeking out, and we have had some lovely, warm afternoons recently! :)

This year, we are attempting to grow some flowers from seed, so I set the kids up with some supplies and dirt, and let them plant!!

Here is Luken, being a model for me while I got my camera settings dialed in. :)

The kids had received some Bachelor Button seed packets in a birthday party goody bag, so they planted those in some egg cartons I'd been saving.

Now we wait!! :)

After planting, Luken disappeared into the house to play with a new toy, and Keeley stayed out and entertained me.

First, some jumping!

Then, some dancing! <3

Then, some generally being beautiful! :D

Isn't she gorgeous and sweet?????!!!!!!

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