Thursday, March 11, 2010

A different kind of smile...

This is not my favorite portrait of Luken - I was just messing around with some camera settings recently, and snapped this one, and I'm glad I did, because he completely changed the landscape of his baby smile just a few days later!!

We were at the park after school on Tuesday the 2nd of March, and I was chatting with some other mom friends, when suddenly, Luken hightailed it over to me with a stunned look in his eyes, blood smeared across his face, and a tooth in his hand!!!!!!
He had knocked out one of his top front teeth by accident, while involved in a high-speed chase away from a first-grader. He slid down the slide, then turned his head quickly, and slammed his mouth into the side of the slide. That's all it took, if you can believe it. That tooth came clean out!

I was a little stunned, myself. I made a quick call to his dentist to see if he needed to be examined, but they said he would be just fine, so we went home to clean up, take some Tylenol, and soothe the gum with a popsicle.

Amazingly, the little guy maintained his composure throughout, and never shed a tear!! (I, on the other hand, really wanted to cry - I was not prepared for this tooth to be lost already! He has recently lost the bottom two, but they're not so very noticeable. Losing a top front tooth is a BIG deal!!)

That night, the Tooth Fairy stopped by and left TWO gold coins this time!! Pretty exciting!

Anyway, here is how he looks now!!! :D

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