Saturday, August 22, 2009

I did nothing...

This week, I did nothing. Well, nothing productive.
I did not dust. I did not vacuum. The kitchen is scruffy and cluttered. The bathrooms are most certainly in need of attention. I did run the dishwasher a few times, as that simply could not have been avoided, but that's about it. I haven't made the bed since last weekend. I haven't been to the gym in close to 2 weeks. I let it alllllll go.

It was worth it, though - I can clean next week. Next week I'll suddenly have a little more time to attend to those things. There will be long stretches without sibling arguments to break up. No little boy asking, "What kind of plan do we have today? And then what?" (Though little sis has been well-trained to ask for these things now, too!)

Instead, we ran ourselves ragged, and made the absolute most of every last minute of our summer! We went to the zoo. The next day we went back to Dallas with the intention of visiting some sort of train event, but were derailed by reports of it's lameness, so we went to the Farmer's Market for a bit, and then met Daddy for lunch. We went to the library. We got Keeley's hair cut. We took care of some errands. We spent hours and hours at the pool. We went to Dallas yet again and rode the trolley, and then had lunch with Daddy for the 2nd time in a week. We had several playdates. We watched entirely too much SpongeBob. We went to a Rise-and-Shine Back-to-School party in the early morning. We played with our neighbors. We had more playdates.

Then we capped it all off with Meet-the-Teacher night. Because, yes, our little man is off to Kindergarten in 2 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's unbelievable! Earlier, I was telling Todd that I so clearly remember coming home from the hospital with him, shocked and frightened that his pediatrician didn't want to see us again for 2 weeks, and wondering why he wasn't more concerned about my ability to keep him breathing and alive without supervision during that time. It seems so silly now, but I still vividly remember how that felt.

And now he is old enough to go to school, and I rather think he is well-prepared. :)
I'm starting to feel emotional about it. Not really because we're not ready for the actual separation, but because it is somehow heavy with meaninfulness. One major milestone accompanied by many changes. I will probably need some Kleenex soon!

We are making the most of our last weekend of summer, as well. We tackled our first go at Tax-Free Weekend earlier, and bought some new sandals for Luken, who has recently decided he no longer wears socks around-the-clock. I like seeing his bare feet, though it somehow makes him look taller, and therefore older.

I have taken a ton of photos during the week, but haven't had a chance to do anything with them yet. Next week, probably. :D

Let me end with something funny that I've been meaning to post this week.

A few days after Luken's decision to ditch the ever-present socks, Todd asked him, "Luken, what made you decide to start being barefoot all the time?"
Luken responded, "I like being cool!" (Meaning, cooler rather than warmer.)
Keeley, totally unsolicited, piped in with, "I like being beautiful!!!!"
Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! I am still giggling over that one!

And just to prove her point, here are a couple of photos I took a while back on a day she agreed to wear an actual bow in her hair! She decided to further the accessorization with her snazzy rain boots! :D


OK, so the one thing I haven't neglected is the laundry. I hear the dryer buzzing at me insistently. I guess I'd better get to it.


Shelley said...

Can't wait to see pics and hear about meet the teacher, I hope it went well!!! I love the story about Keeley, that is so cute and super funny! But she is correct, she is beautiful!!!

Beth said...

What a wonderful week! I'm am so glad we were able to be a part of it! Best of luck to your family on this new chapter.