Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Luken's fabulous artwork!!!!!

In the paperwork we picked up at Kindergarten orientation recently, there are some suggestions for activities to do with your children over the summer, and one such suggestion is to read a book to your child, and then have them draw a picture about the story. I thought this might be fun, and something to fill up a little time.

I picked "Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? Dr. Seuss's Book of Wonderful Noises" as our first subject. It's a fun book, and the kids had fun imitating all the silly noises.

I had no idea what to expect from the kids as far as the drawings were concerned. I set them up at the table, and went over to the computer to check emails while they worked. Luken asked me how to spell a few words, and I obliged. Soon, he said he was done, so I went to see what he had come up with, and I must say, I was MIGHTY impressed!!


I figured he would just write a bunch of words, and that would be it. He has never really expressed much artistic interest, and so I was quite excited at the details and colors he used in this piece!!

On the left is a cow, for MOO.
In the middle is a bee, for BUZZ. I love that he used black and yellow stripes, and red for wings. And he pointed out that there is a brown stinger on the tush! :D
On the right is a butterfly for WHISPER!
It was all from memory - he didn't ask any questions, or look through the book while drawing.
Did I mention I was impressed??? :D
It really is probably the first drawing he has done that wasn't full of octopuses or light sabers.

Here is Keeley's creation! :) I just realized this could very well be Mr. Brown!

C'mon... comment back about how brilliant my children are!! :D


Kim said...

As if you need us to tell you how brilliant your kiddos are, everyone can tell just by looking at those sweet faces! Luken is going to do great in kinder this year.

Susan said...

Great work! Lots of detail. Very advanced :) Art work makes me smile.

Shelley said...

They are both brilliant and beautiful!!! What a fun activity, one I may have to steal!!! :)