Saturday, July 18, 2009

A day in the lives of Luken and Keeley!!

Earlier in the week, I spent the day photographing Luken and Keeley's goings-on for a fun thing we do occasionally on an online forum for moms in our area - it's called Day in the Life, and here is how it went!!


Good morning!! Luken always gets up early with Daddy, while Mommy snoozes a little longer, so Daddy kindly took over camera duties early this morning to capture Luken's early hours!

Luken coming down the stairs. Please take note of Squiddy, Soft Stripey, and Lovey. Oh, and his dinosaur PJ's!

Gotta feed the doggies!

Good morning, Ginny!! (I don't see Olive pictured.)

Time for some human breakfast! Looks like cinnamon cereal, orange juice, and a Wall-E gummy vitamin. (Genius, I tell ya - they made vitamin cubes, and marketed them as special shapes! )

Looks like he likes it!

While Daddy gets ready for work, Luken plays Lego Star Wars on the Wii.

Daddy didn't take me up on him photographing me sleeping in bed.... Oh, well!

Now I'm up and Luken is watching his octopus show!

I bet Ms. Keeley is awake by now. I had better get her breakfast ready and bring her down!

OK, time to get Keeley! She is like her mama... not really a morning person!

Hello, beautiful girl!

Time for some breakfast. Luken often has a "second breakfast" when Keeley gets up.

The kids decide to play nicely for a bit after breakfast. They are veterinarians!

Uh-oh... discord already...

But, they work it out and head upstairs to play in Luken's room for a bit!
They like to draw octopuses!

Luken proudly shows them off.

A lovely assortment of Luken's toys!

They listen to a Word Girl CD, and sing the theme song!

Time to get dressed.

Soooooooo many options!

"Carry me! I want you to choose, mama!" (This NEVER happens! I jumped on it!)

I love the preppy look!

Look, Luken has gotten dressed, too! Let's play in Keeley's room for a bit!

Keeley applies a bit of "makeup."

Then they make the poodle go on the potty.

And then to bed, while a giant squid lurks outside!

Guess what's next??!! Luken and I ready ourselves for some chocolate chip cookie baking!!

Here is Luken in his dinosaur apron!


Working the mixer.

Lookie at that!

Keeley shows us a recent drawing.

Chocolate chips!!

A quick tasting of the batter to make sure all is well.

OK, let's put 'em on the pans!

Luken was very excited to use my new cookie dough/ice cream scooper! (So was I! )

Keeley takes a peek!

Then they are off to play some silly game with an extra sheet they like to play with!

Ooh, the first pan is done!

The kids play around while. I thought Keeley looked cute with that tough truck and a fluffy pretend phone case!

Luken takes a photo of me taking a photo of him!

I have finished the cookies, and give the kids some more dough before I wash the bowl out.

Luken likey!!

Time for something healthier... lunch!
PB&J for Keeley.

Salami and oranges for Luken!

Gotta clean up now so mama can vacuum!

Then they are sent upstairs for some quiet time so I can clean up the house for a bit and grab a shower before friends come over for a playdate!


And then it is almost time!! I am ready for some fun!

Time to party!!!
Look, it's Vivien!

Keeley immediately begins hoarding her toys.

Hailey and Beatrix get acquainted.

This past weekend, I became the very proud owner of an ice cream maker, and have been busy making vanilla, mint chocolate chip, and chocolate hazelnut ice creams, so I was excited to share them and the cookies with friends today!
Here is Phoenix enjoying some vanilla on a sugar cone.

Vivien opted for the same.

I think Seth went for the mint!

Jennifer and Frankie!

Crazy kiddos eating ice cream!

Bebe with power tools and maribou princess slippers!

Keeley hoarding more toys.

Silas and Beth.

Keeley complaining about the noise level. Strange, it never seems to bother her when it's coming from her own face!

Wyatt snacking on a cone.

The kids were happily playing, and the mamas were having a good time chatting. Jennifer went upstairs to check on the kiddos, and came down insisting I go up and take a picture of Seth. I found him here, answering the phone, "Fairy here!"

Isn't he gorgeous?

Luken told me he was pretending to be a fox here, and would pop out whenever anyone said, "Magic."

Of course, I should really have left well enough alone, as my mere presence upstairs made Luken decide to come downstairs, and soon he started begging for a cookie.

Then Keeley had to have one.

And sweet Bebe, too!

Then, as you would expect, the light saber fights started, and Luken was running circles around the living room with Hailey and Beatrix, while Keeley continued hoarding toys.

Unfortunately, soon after, it was time for our friends to go home.
We had a fabulous time with them, and can't wait to play again soon!!

Next it was time for dinner. I made things easy on myself this evening: spaghetti, salad, and bread.

We told Daddy all about our fun day, and then it was apparently time to make weird faces.

Then, dessert. I guess we didn't get enough earlier in the day.
Chocolate hazelnut ice cream for Luken.

M&M's for Keeley, but she snarfed them all up before I even got Luken's ice cream served, so there is no photographic evidence of that.

Time to get ready for bed!
Keeley brushes her teeth.

I decided I should sort of at least a little bit be in one photo.

Keeley announces that she is a horse on her way to her room!

Daddy comes in to say goodnight!


Keeley works on getting her nightgown on. She insists on doing it all herself!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luken has gotten into his pajamas, and is on to brushing his teeth.

Keeley is still dressing, and has gotten one finger through the armhole!

All dressed! But refuses to stand up for the picture.

I notice all the dollhouse furniture has been moved to the attic. I guess they were going for a sparse, modern theme.

These are the books I read to Keeley every night before bed. Then I sing her the lullaby from the Viking Voyage episode of The Backyardigans! I love our little routine! Night night, Keeley! See you in the morning! I love you!

A little later, Luken comes down to say goodnight, and then rides back up to his room on Daddy's shoulders.

Good night, Luken! Love you!!

I hope you enjoyed our day! Thanks for coming along for the ride!!

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