Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Our visit from the Easter Bunny!

The Easter Bunny came to our house!

(Again, click on the smaller landscape images to see the full-sized image. I don't know how to get this website to display them the way I want!!)

First, we put out some carrots and water for the Bunny.

(And, yes, he is wearing his Christmas pajamas because it's been coooooold here. It's really hard to believe that this time last year, it was 106ยบ! This Saturday, some nearby areas actually got some snow!!!!)

The Bunny visited overnight, and left these baskets for the kids!

He also hid some eggs all over the house. Two were even in Luken's room! What a sneaky Bunny!

Here are Luken and Daddy, first thing in the morning, discovering a few eggs left on the stairs.

Hey, look, this one looks like Elmo!

The Bunny ate the carrots, and left a few eggs behind on the plate!

Keeley, checking out her basket.

The kiddos and their baskets.

Keeley reading a new book!

Luken got lots and lots of Cars items - this is a storybook.

Later in the day, the kids opened some gifts from Grandma and Grandpa.

Look, it's DJ!! (Cars character that we've had trouble tracking down...)


Whoa!! The Mack playset!

It opens up and has lots of fun things to play with inside!

Keeley and her Baby Counting Pal.

These bibs are for chewing on, right?

Daddy joins in on the fun!

Luken, completely absorbed - check out Keeley and Daddy in the background!

Keeley, having more fun with Daddy!

All in all, a pretty quiet day, since we didn't have any extended family around this year. We had a nice bacon and eggs breakfast, and had a small ham with new potatoes and green beans for dinner. No outdoor egg hunting as it was ridiculously cold here (and everywhere, so I've heard.)

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Betty Jane Buckshot said...

Ah, so precious! Looks like a nice relaxing day. I never think Texas is cold - how crazy is that?!