Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More backyard fun, then, sadness...

More lovely weather here this week!! It was a bit overcast this day, but warm with just a slight breeze. I headed out back with the kids, but couldn't put Keeley down because the ground was still very wet from a nice soaking we'd received the day before. (This explains the severe lack of pictures of her this time, though she shows up in more than her fair share of shots in general, so I don't think anyone will complain, ha ha!)

Luken thought he saw some worms here, but it was really just something the tree had shed. He's obsessed with worms, though - almost anything fits the definition these days!
Just a funny pose!
Hey, what are you looking at, Mommy?

I don't remember what he was saying here, but I'm pretty sure he really meant it!

Another fun find - an acorn-type pod thing, probably also from the tree. Luken had learned about eggs at school earlier in the day, so it became an "egg!"
He and the "egg" took turns going down the slide!

Carefully placing the "egg" and readying it for another turn.

Some fishie lips, just for variety!

Keeley, on my lap, pushed as far away as possible so as to let the camera focus on her beautiful face!
I LOVE this one!! He was making this face at Keeley!
Keeley's sweet little tootsies!
Oh, no!!! The "egg" broke! Luken's heart broke, too...

But I had to capture this... this is classic "Luken face" as we call it. When Keeley was born, and started crying immediately, her mouth looked just like this, and I think the first thing I said after "Is she really a girl?" was "She's got Luken's mouth!!"

Still a little sad...
But hey, I can blow bubbles!
That's talent!

Back to melancholy...
Better pack it in for the day!

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Chera said...

Great set, more wonderful lighting - love the angles you got too. & Luken's 'bubbles' are hilarious!