Monday, May 16, 2011

Luken, the bird of prey.

Luken's 1st grade class put on a musical performance last week.
It was a wild animal-theme, and each class was assigned to dress up as a certain animal.

Luken's class were "birds of prey." Hmmm.... not quite sure how to do that one!

They were to dress in browns and blacks, so we had that covered. Then, I remembered I have some face painting crayons, and figured I could come up with something. Google to the rescue!

Unfortunately, I ran tight on time, as an air-conditioner repairman was at the house when we were having dinner and getting ready, so it came down to the last few minutes, and this is what I came up with!



Scary bird!!

Ms. Keeley wanted in on the fun, so I turned her into a little kitty!

Luken's performance was very cute. I didn't get any pictures or video, as there is literally a sea of hands holding cameras in the way, so I decided to sit back and just focus on the moment and watching the kids. They sang songs like "Raptor Rap" and "Never Polka with a Porcupine." Just really cute!! <3

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