Monday, September 28, 2009

He blinded me with SCIENCE!

Last week in Luken's class, his teacher demonstrated an experiment, and he came home wanting to conduct it on his own. He talked of one big cup filled with water, and a small cup with a paper towel. I didn't quite understand, but Todd figured it out!

First, fill up a large cup with water.

Wad up a paper towel.

Stuff it into a smaller cup.

Then, invert the small cup and push it down into the water.

Push it all the way in, all the way under!!!

You can even let the cup float around a bit.

Then, gently lift the small cup back out.

Check out that paper towel - even though that cup was completely submerged in water, the paper towel is completely DRY!!!

Keeley wanted a turn.

Then she wanted more than one turn, so I set her up with her own!

See?? All dry!

Luken correctly told us that the air pressure inside the small cup keeps the water from entering the cup and getting the towel wet.

Very cool!

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Shelley said...

What a smart boy to remember that! And a cool experiment to boot!