Wednesday, May 2, 2007


The butterflies were back at a local mall this year. Last year, Luken and I went together as our last outing before Keeley was born. This year, she was riding on my back instead of in my tummy! :)

Luken, in awe, after stepping inside the tent.

Mommy showing him that holding a butterfly is fun! (Don't mind the Backyardigans Band-Aid. I managed to slice off the top of my thumb on Monday evening preparing dinner. It's OUCH!!)

A butterfly landed on my shoe, hee hee!!

Luken got brave and used his chunk of canteloupe (provided by the Kiwanis members running the show) to entice a butterfly off of a flower.

Still working on that butterfly.

Brave boy!!

Trading with Mommy.

The butterfly flew away! I loved Luken's reaction!

Another cool reaction shot as the butterfly lifted off!

Checking out some other kids.

Last year, we spent some time at the fountains next to the butterfly tent, and Luken threw coins in. We hadn't done that again during the year, but he remembered it! He requested it while we were in the car driving to the mall! I was surprised at his memory!! (Maybe it's typical of 3 1/2 year olds, but I'd like to think he's a total genius!!)

Dropping a dime.


Then we hit the play area, and I took the requisite jumping-off-the-tabasco-bottle pictures! I had my 50mm 1.8 lens this time, which allowed a faster shutter speed at lower ISO, so they are a bit crisper than the last batch. It's always fun to take these pictures!!

Yes, he did collide with this girl, oops!! :)

Having a little fun with Keeley, who was let out of the back carrier for a bit!

I will try to dig up some of last year's butterfly pictures for comparison soon!

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